Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bint Jabel: Capital of Hezbollah About to Fall

Turning to the war in Lebanon: the entire MSM and most blogs are failing to point out where the actual war is taking place in Lebanon!

Typical of the media: they are the worst at providing information that is relevant (like telling Americans about IMBRA).

The capital of Hezbollah is Bint Jabel, a city in the mountains surrounded by peaks covered with rocket launchers.

On Sunday afternoon, the Israelis now have Bint Jabel surrounded and control all the peaks themselves. Nobody knows how many actual Hezbollah fighters would have trapped themselves so far south in their "capital".

In any event, to minimize civilian casualties, the Israelis have openly stated what vills they will capture in the next few days (the word vill is what Vietnam veterans call villages).

The Israelis are going to cut off Southern Lebanon from any chance of Syrian support from the east.

I can imagine that the Israelis will just let the Hezbollah positions along the Mediterranean coast wither and get weaker as the Christian, Sunni and Druze Lebanese slowly take over Beirut and then move down the coast to establish sovereignty for a democratic Lebanon.

No understanding yet as to whether Israel will attack the Bekaa Valley or go near Syria itself.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Republican Congressman Bartlett's Office

We're all still waiting for the Georgia decision on a permanent injunction.

Meanwhile, the USCIS has issued an IMBRA Form for Fiance Visa apparent violation of the TRO.

There is a young male in Congressman Bartlett's office (R-Maryland-MD) who will be deciding our fate with this important Ethic's Committee politician.

When I asked "Are you a Republican," the young man hesitated and said "This office is." I then said "OK. So you're a non-Republican working in a Republican office" and we started discussing IMBRA without the guy correcting me about his party affiliation.

That was all I needed to know about why we have a law like IMBRA.

He didn't really know anything about the law.

But it gets worse: He said "How can you possibly be against protecting women?".

There will be a lot more to say on this later.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi Still Dead

Latest news is that Zarqawi is still dead.

Seriously, I wish to thank the active duty troops who risked their lives and did their jobs and made sure that, whether or not anyone felt this guy was a modern-day Hannibal or Spartacus (an insult to men who actually could have gotten what they wanted), he met the same end as Hannibal and Spartacus. Historically, that was a must.

Even the left-wing European newspapers this morning are printing huge pictures of American soldiers standing next to the photo of a dead Zarqawi...often with the photo of the bravado Zarqawi showed in his desert antics a few weeks ago.

On the social stock market, this raises the reputation of the American male another notch. Jealous foreign (and metrosexual American) journalists were working hard recently to keep the reputation of the American soldier, and by extension the reputation of the American male, as low as they could possibly make it.

But we must remember that the Republican Party at home is still working with the feminists to smash the great reputation American males have with foreign women who would like to date them. Visit Please remember that, if the Democrats weren't insane regarding national security, there would be no difference in the hostility that most American politicians are now showing toward American men who like to travel and may want a few dates along the way.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Needed: Single Veteran to Launch Lawsuit

I will blog about twice per week. What we really need now is an American veteran who is single and uses dating websites and is ready to launch a lawsuit (we will find the powerful lawyers to help you free of charge).

He will preferably live in California or elsewhere in the 9th Circuit.

The email to write to is

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA)

IMBRA: On May 26th, 2006 a feminist Republican federal judge in Ohio, Thomas Rose, declared that "American men have no Constitutional right to meet foreign women."

Let this judge and US politicians know that our Veterans did not fight for such a country. Period. It is Congress' duty to protect Americans, not foreigners.

Click her to see the sick words of this judge as the 2006 Memorial Day Weekend began.

This moron doesn't deserve to shine the shoes of veterans, much less tell veterans that they have no Constitutional right to meet foreigners and to call veteran males "products" being sold to foreign women that need warning labels on them.

If you are unfamiliar with the IMBRA Law, click here and get the background. The destructive "Nuernberg Race Law" effect of this law is twofold:

1) More than 300,000 women's profiles will disappear from the Internet if IMBRA is upheld because these women do not have email addresses which is the only realistic way that foreign women can approve of the IMBRA background check forms that each man would be forced to send before he is allowed to say hello or send a photo or his age or profession. These women without computers aren't about to be told by US feminists that they have to go out and buy a computer because, contrary to the conceited expectations of American feminists, the best looking, higher class and most competent foreign women are not desperate to get US citizenship but often don't have the money to buy a computer when they are in the 18-25 age range. IMBRA is only possible to implement where women have access to anonymous webmail technology such as at and visit a computer very often. In effect, radical American feminists (who via Security Moms now control the Republican Party) are allowed to pass laws that codify's web technology into worldwide law: they are saying that no woman in the world should be allowed to offer her personal snail-mail address and phone number to men via a trusted website or dating agency and expect to hear from American men without her first visiting the web via a computer and approving a form that gives no photo and could easily contain a bunch of lies (men are supposed to say that they have no criminal background on the honor system).

2) The provision of IMBRA that calls the Department of Homeland Security away from investigating foreign TERRORISTS and into detailed background checks of ALL MEN WHO WANT TO BRING A FOREIGN WOMAN INTO THE, of course, not really about protecting foreign women, but about delaying the visa process for and discouraging women from countries where women are "too pro-American" so they won't mess up the American marriage market. The whole point of the new visa delays and longer "background checks" of American to make the American men less desirable for foreign women to marry because of all the hassle involved. This can be more effective than the Nurnberg Race Laws because the Nuernberg Race Laws sparked a world war and 12 million deaths...while this law can do its evil simply if American males resign themselves to their new metrosexual role of "not having a Constitutional right to associate with foreigners".

The good news is that the law is ostensibly under restraining order in Georgia (EC case). The bad news is that some hotshot dating site owners spoiled a good thing by launching another lawsuit in Ohio (AODA case) where the feminist Republican judge is making mincemeat out of them.

The mission of this blog is to gather a group of veterans that I can email for concerted action on certain politicians running up to the November 2006 well as to find potential veteran plaintiffs who can launch a class action lawsuit in a state like California where things like "background check laws" are consistently struck down.

Both Democrat and Republican politicians voted for IMBRA so the simple formula is to convince military and veteran voters to cull all incumbents from office who don't loudly speak out against the law they voted for.

The simple fact is that politicians feel they are catering to American women who have been brainwashed into thinking that "mail order bride clients" are lower class abusers of women. They need to be told that the IMBRA law actually interferes heavily with ALL MEN who want to have a wife or girlfriend visit them in the USA...and that mail order bride clients are statistically higher income citizens whose rate of wife-abuse clocks in at 1% compared to the American national average of 7% (and the Egyptian national average of 30%).